Older Drivers

85 years and older 

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In NSW, upon approaching your 85th birthday and every two years there after, you must decide whether you would like to keep your unrestricted driver's licence or opt to switch to a modified licence. 

 What is an unrestricted driver's licence?

An unrestricted licence gives you the ability to drive wherever and whenever you wish the same as you always have.

Opting for an unrestricted driver's licence means you are required to complete a practical Driving Test or Assessment to maintain your existing licence.

What is a 'modified' licence?

Senior drivers may opt for a modified licence on renewal. Through negotiations with the RMS the conditions of your licence could be modified. For example a 'home to town' condition could be put in place. Modified licence holders will not be required to undertake a driving test; however you will still need to have an annual medical examination.

Red Car Driving School offers more than just an Assessment and test, the combined Refresher and Assessment allow us extra time to settle your nerves and ensure that you are in a relaxed environment before you are tested. 

This time also provides your instructor the opportunity to identify and work with you on possible areas for improvement early on in the session.  Occasionally a further Refresher lesson may be suggested before you are tested.

You can be assured that Red Car Driving School has your best interests at heart and keeping you safe in our rapidly changing road conditions is our number one priority. Our friendly instructor/assessor Leanne Williams will help build your confidence and calmly assist you in retaining your licence.