Learner Supervisors

The 120 hour minimum requirement for L Platers can be difficult for parents to fit in to their busy lives. However it is important parents and mentors help develop good driving skills with their learners.

It is all too easy for parents and mentors to pass on bad habits.

At Red Car we believe we can help parents and mentors by coaching them during lessons.

We invite parents and mentors to join us during lessons and we can help coach them to be better trainers too.

Take advantage of the FREE Keys 2 Drive lesson we offer which is designed specifically to help you help your learner to become a Safer P plater. This lesson could reduce your learner’s crash risk by 50%

We can help reduce the number of hours your learner has to complete as each lesson completed with us (up to a maximum of 10) count as 3 hours in the logbook.

The number of hours can be reduced by a further 20 if your learner attends one of our Safer Drivers Courses.

Our Website has been designed to provide you with a wealth of resources to assist you in managing the process of supervising your learner driver. Checkout the menu on the side bar.

Our approach is to teach safe driving skills not just how to pass a test.

We have male and female instructors.

And teach in New Generation Mazda 3 sedan's both manual and automatic fitted with dual controls and air conditioning. We can pick up and drop off your learner from home or school.

We are your One Stop Shop for 3 for 1 driving lessons, Free Keys 2 Drive lessons, and the RMS Safer Drivers Course.

Working as a team with you we will produce safe skilled drivers.