Team Member One

Val Johnson

Driving Instructor

I have lived in the Shoalhaven for over 22yrs.

We chose this area of Australia as it’s a beautiful part to live in for glorious countryside and beaches.

I have been a Driving Instructor for over 16yrs. I first of all started to teach in the UK and have been teaching in Australia for the last 13yrs. I am also an Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor able to provide the FREE government funded lesson in the Shoalhaven.

I hold a Cert 4 in Driver Instruction for teaching in both Automatic and Manual cars. My Specialities: teaching every topic for Safe Driving for Life. I am told I am very patient (although my husband does not agree with this!)

My interests include Cars especially Vintage and taking our own Vintage Car to the various Shows.

I also love travelling to different parts of the World. There are lots of areas I still have on my list to visit.

My hobbies are Gardening, Yoga, and reading.

When I became an Australian Citizen, I had a private ceremony in the Shoalhaven with the Mayor at that time.

Present was my husband and two friends. It was very formal at first, the ceremony was conducted in his offices over looking the park. I was given my Australian Certificate and a Book of the Shoalhaven area, we had photographs taken.

Then out of the blue! The Mayor shook my hand and he said.................

"Now you know what you have to do?"

I listened with a serious look on my face wondering what was next.

"Go to the Local Pub, and shout OZIE, OZIE, OZIE  Oi! Oi! Oi!   and order a Vegemite sandwich.

Then you know you are a True Australian."

Must admit I was speechless, there was this very serious man performing my Australian Citizen Ceremony and he came out with least he had a sense of humour.    I will never forget him or that day.

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