Team Member One

Leanne Williams

Driving Instructor and RMS Accredited Older Driver Assessor

I have lived in the Shoalhaven on and off since 1977 when there was still a Pizza Hut (with a Salad Bar) at the end of Kinghorne Street.  It was not until after I moved to Nowra for work, that a friend showed me Murray’s beach on a sunny day.  Wow! I was totally hooked on the Shoalhaven from that day onward.

Every time I drive or walk across that bridge over the ShoalhavenRiver, no matter how busy the traffic, I am always reminded of how lucky I am to live here.  No doubt the years spent training in Sydney in between has contributed to my gratitude.

Things that interest me are veggie gardening, reading, writing, bushwalking, SLR photography and trying to train the dog. 

During a break from driver training I spent several years running a B&B in the middle of the bush and raising alpacas.  After that, teaching people to drive again was like a holiday.  

I have a Cert 4 Driver Trainer qualification and am an RMS certified Aged Driver Assessor.

I have been teaching driving for around eighteen years in total.  Teaching students something new and potentially life saving still gives me a lot of satisfaction and some good laughs. 

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